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Name: Ryou Misaki
Age: 17
Birthdate: May 18th
Height: 5'8" (174cm)

Species: Human, Sin-Eater
Threshold: The Torn
Keys: Passion, Stigmata
Manifestations: Caul, Rage

The most obvious skill a Sin-Eater has is the ability to see, hear and communicate freely with ghosts. This ability is always active, though he can temporarily "turn it off" with enough concentration. The Sin-Eater's sixth sense also allows them to tell apart ghosts and mortals, sense ghosts that have interacted with the physical realm, identify mortals possessed by ghosts, and sense a living being's general health and lifespan. If someone is going to die in the near future, a Sin-Eater is able to sense that closeness to death. They can also determine the exact age of a person at a glance. Places that have been "stained" by death are immediately noticeable to a Sin-Eater, such as locations of violent, recent or frequent deaths.

The presence of a Sin-Eater makes it a little easier for ghosts to manifest due to their strong connections to death. A Sin-Eater can also infuse an incoherent ghost with some of their blood and plasm to restore it's intelligence and humanity for a brief period of time.

By touching a part of corpse (or a person who's experienced death, such as another Sin-Eater), they can "feel" that person's death and possibly determine the cause.

Plasm can be used to absorb damage to the body, which causes a white ghostly substance to leak (very visibly) from the wound. It can also be used to speed up the healing process for the Sin-Eater. More passively, plasm in the body makes a Sin-Eater much more resistant to poisons and disease, and the geist's presence prevents a Sin-Eater from passing out from injuries. If a Sin-Eater dies a second (or third, or fourth) time, theyr can be resurrected by their geist as many times as needed, though this deals a heavy mental toll that can shatter their mind if used repeatedly.

When dealing with ghosts that haven't manifested in the physical world, a Sin-Eater can perform "reverse-possession", which allows them to exist in the realm of Twilight by inhabiting the body of their geist. The Sin-Eater's keystone or other objects within Twilight can be used as weapons or tools in this state, as nothing from the physical realm can be brought into Twilight. To people who can't see into Twilight, they'll still see the Sin-Eater moving around in their physical body, which can be kind of weird or awkward if they're fighting a ghost.

Skeith's appearance as a geist is based on that of its human form, an inverted version of Haseo's 3rd form. The white armour is carved out of bone, and the belts and straps that hold everything together are made out of tanned human skin. His eyes are nothing but gaping wide holes carved into his face that constantly drip with blood and appear to be endlessly deep. A third eye is carved into his forehead in the same manner. Patterns of eyes are painted onto his armour and face with bright red blood. He smells strongly of blood and rotting flesh.

Skeith proudly claims himself to be the embodiment of the fear creatures experience upon death. He'll usually shorten this title to "the Terror of Death" when boasting. He exudes an overwhelming aura of intimidation and bloodlust. An experienced Sin-Eater should easily be able to tell just how powerful Skeith truly is—he's more than just talk. Alas, a geist is only as powerful as its host, and Haseo still has a lot to learn.

Haseo has only been a Sin-Eater for a few months, so he's not very heavily involved in the community. That said, there are a few key points from his history that other characters—both Sin-Eaters and other entities—might be aware of.
  • The Twilight Brigade was an obscure occult club/cult that existed until about nine months ago. It's founder, a man named Ovan, was known for being an eccentric. Little else is known about Ovan. Barely anyone remembers the cult at all because no one took it seriously before it fell apart.

  • There's an urban legend that started within the past couple of years about a supernatural killer called Tri-Edge. Other names may have been given to it before the Tri-Edge name became more popular, or the stories may have been fused with other supernatural activities at some point. The deaths related to the rumour have mostly been either covered up or given very little publicity, but all of the victims died of mysterious causes and their bodies vanished. Victims do not leave ghosts, either because they didn't actually die or because something was done to trap their souls. Most don't believe in the rumours at all due to a large amount of false information floating around about it.

  • About nine months ago, Haseo started frequenting sites asking about the Tri-Edge rumour. The only information he added to the stories was that it killed an unnamed friend of his, and that he was determined to hunt the creature down and stop it. After only a couple months he stopped frequenting these sites and became a part of the legend himself. Over time the stories became more and more exaggerated until Haseo became known as a skilled and powerful hunter of the supernatual, with all kinds of ridiculous stories of his supposed accomplishments. Most don't believe in these stories, either. Haseo finds the whole thing embarrassing.

  • Local ghosts might speak of a "different" Haseo who recently started working as a Sin-Eater in the area. He prefers to deal with victims of violent deaths or dangerous ghosts that need to be put down. Other Sin-Eaters in the area may have heard of him or run into him at one point or another, but he's reclusive and prefers to work alone. He doesn't come off as anything particularly special.
Haseo is a relatively new Sin-Eater, so he only has a very small collection of mementos at his disposal. He can draw upon a memento's associated threshold, keys and/or skills to strengthen his own abilities or assist in rituals.

Type: Keystone
Threshold: The Torn
Keys: Stigmata, Grave-Dirt
Skill: Weaponry (Blades)

Skeith's keystone is a red cross, about six inches long, carved out of stone and sharpened into a stake. It leaves fresh bloodstains when touched by human (or non-human) hands. Haseo is capable of summoning the keystone from any location, as well as storing it within his geist in Twilight when not in use. It cannot be truly "stolen" from him.
Type: Charm
Threshold: The Torn
Key: Stigmata

A slightly worn chainsaw that Haseo brings with him when he needs a little extra something to freak people out. Occasionally used for actual murder. Skeith thought it would be fun to paint it with the blood of their enemies, but some of it got under the chain and now it sticks and jams a lot. It works correctly about 70% of the time.
Haseo can combine the power of one of his Keys with a chosen Manifestation to give him one of four different sets of abilities. Only one of these sets can be active at a time.

Using the Passion Caul Key, Haseo can attune himself mentally to his geist, sharing all of his innermost thoughts in exchange for assistance. In this bonded state he can borrow some of Skeith's knowledge and skill, or gain a degree of empathetic understanding of the emotions of others. Skeith's specialties lie mainly in combat with bladed weapons such as swords, sickles and scythes, occult knowledge related to ghosts and Sin-Eater rituals (though he's very picky with what he decides to share), and a seemingly inexplicable knack for computers (which would weaken/strengthen depending on the current state of their collective memories, so right now it's more of an odd "why does a centuries-old ghost even know how to Internet?"). When using his empathic skills, pinning down negative emotions such as fear and anger come most naturally to him, and he struggles with the more positive side of things due to Skeith's nature. He's very, very good at figuring out people's fears.

At a higher skill level he would also be able to create powerful (but temporary) emotional bonds with another person, such as making someone fall in love with him or fight for him for a period of time. The highest level would allow him to completely resist mind- and emotion-control while joined with Skeith.
The Stigmata Caul Key allows Haseo to willingly turn off his body's own autonomic functions, and to continue living despite that. He doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe as long as it's active. He can use pools of his own blood as "windows"—by leaving a pool of blood somewhere that's large enough for someone to peer into, he can concentrate to "see" out from that pool, no matter how far away he is. He can also arrange his own spilled blood into shapes, patterns or messages with his mind.

Higher skill levels also include temporarily detaching his own arm while retaining control, and creating a small homunculus that he can see through and control.
The Passion Rage Key can inflict direct mental attacks against a chosen victim, drawing on their fears and memories to shock and traumatize them. He can infuse those images upon himself to make him seem more intimidating to that particular person.

Higher skill levels would also allow him to completely paralyze a target with fear, drain away a target's will by forcing them to dwell on their own mortality, or just completely fuck up a person's mind with a much more devastating mental assault.
The Stigmata Rage Key allows Haseo to attack and inflict wounds on a ghost as if they were living entity, or make humans/ghosts bleed (or "bleed") from various orifices just by concentrating. The bleeding effect isn't fatal, though it does cause lightheadedness from the sudden bloodloss and obscure their vision.

Higher skill levels involve more bleeding, Haseo willingly puking out acidic geist-infused blood as a form of attack, and making a victim bleed from every pore in their body.